Purpose of ICLL

  • To champion the cause of language and culture learning

  • To enhance the effectiveness of the coach/facilitator/teacher

  • To challenge the language supervisor with new approaches and new ideas

  • To provide the context for gaining support and sharing ideas

  • To provide a network with others who carry similar responsibilities

  • To facilitate the promotion of regional programs, conferences, and workshops

People with responsibility to supervise others in language learning often lack awareness of what is currently goin on in this field. ICLL provides input, resources, and contacts. 

Role of ICLL

To put on-field language teachers, language school administrators, and language supervisors in touch with each other and with academicians, pre-field trainers, personnel directors and agency executives, all committed to enhancing the quality of language learning ad cultural integration for agency personnel. 

The high level of networking and inter-agency consultation taht has taken place over the last 10 years is abundant evidence that ICLL has served its role very well,